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"No pain, no gain" is not our philosophy.  STILLWATER'S therapeutic massage techniques are intuitively unique to each client's individual needs and preferences, slow and gentle, soothing and rhythmic, light to intermediate pressure only.  Clients take comfort in knowing that they will not be bent into a pretzel, have their back walked on, or be ridden like Sea Biscuit.  STILLWATER clients appreciate this, and it keeps them coming back for maximum benefit - soothing, gentle, comfortable, yet therapeutic and incredibly effective for all ages. Therefore, STILLWATER does not practice Deep Tissue Massage, deep pressure, jostling, or rough techniques.  It's rough out there, your massage shouldn't be!

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Allow yourself to heal as you drift away in a full body 60 or 90 minute session, escaping with a soothing blend of light, flowing, Swedish effleurage, craniosacral, and energy balancing techniques designed to deeply relax and comfort, inside and out. This is a perfect light-pressured, slowly-paced, massage for those in need of gentle touch, those new to massage, those under a physician's treatment, geriatric, or youth. Consider adding a Pedi-Soak or Detox, CBD 800 oil, or an aromatherapy essential oil lavender blend, a beautiful addition to aid in your relaxation journey.

60/90 min



Available in 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions, this popular, therapeutic massage relaxes tight muscles, calms the nervous system, increases oxygen and blood flow, and releases cellular waste from the muscles.  Custom techniques incorporate long strokes with light to intermediate pressure and some passive stretching. Swedish massage is both relaxing and restorative while promoting health and well-being. 

Browse our additions such as aromatherapy essential oil, CBD 800 oil, Hemp cream, or perhaps a Pedi-Soak or Detox, which would make it therapeutic perfection. 

Upper Body 30/60 min


Full Body 60/90 min



A custom Swedish massage for "starfish points": head/neck, hands/arms, feet/legs, makes this massage a favorite in gentle relaxation for any age at any stage.

Consider adding aromatherapy essential oil, CBD 800 oil, Hemp cream, a soothing Pedi-Soak or Detox, to complete the experience. 

45 min


"Science reveals that the human 'Relaxation Response', an innate gift of healing, is necessary for optimal wellness, and aids in the body's capacity to tolerate distress. Through massage therapy, we can elicit the restorative benefits of the 'Relaxation Response'. It's not a luxury we can afford to ignore or dismiss; it is revealed as a necessity for human well-being and should be elicited regularly." 

                    Caroline Roberts, BS., LMT.

 An Exploration in the Restorative Benefits and Relevance of the Relaxation Response in Massage Therapy, 2019

"Massage has had a positive effect on every medical  condition we've looked at."

                            Tiffany Field, Ph.D.

Director, Touch Research Institute, University of Miami

"Nothing is so healing as the human touch."

                              Bobby Fischer

"When you touch a body, you touch a whole person,      intellect, spirit, and emotions." 

                              Jane Harrington

"A loving touch is enough to change everything."

                              Michael Bliss

"A blessing begins with meaningful touching. The act of touch is key to communicating warmth,   personal acceptance, affirmation - even physical  health!  Harnessed within meaningful touch, the first 

element of the blessing, is the key to communicate  personal acceptance, an incredible power to bless,  right at our fingertips." 

                         Gary Smalley &

                        John Trent, Ph.D.

                       The Blessing, 1986

"If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you     want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you   want to touch the future, touch a life."

                            Author Unknown


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