Women's Soft Touch Massage, LLC.

Stillwater soft touch reflects our true intent for our specialized soothing therapy. We believe that it applies to women who want a gentle, supportive touch experience in a compassionate, personalized, professional atmosphere. 


We are beautifully unique in our approach to massage therapy; we use light to intermediate pressure to elicit restorative effects for the mind, body, and spirit.  Our soft touch massage is slow, gentle, flowing, intended for exquisite relaxation, comfort, and supportive reassurance. It would not be a good fit for those seeking more pressure such as deep tissue or sports massage. Clients appreciate that they will not be roughly jostled or judged. Many women find emotional comfort during their nurturing healing sessions. Our clients are confident in our courteous professionalism toward modesty by always keeping bodies draped for comfort and warmth with soft pillows for added support.  


This customized therapy can calm the nervous system, melt stress, anxiety, soothe and support emotional release, relax tight muscles, lower blood pressure, reduce pain levels, increase oxygen and blood flow, and release cellular waste.  Stillwater massage therapy and pedi-treatments are soothing and effective, perfect for all ages and stages, those new to massage, geriatric, pregnancy, and youth.*  



                           WELCOME BACK ROLL-BACK PRICING 

                   Our massags are gentle, our pricing should be too!


Allow yourself to drift away in this targeted area-specific 30 minute session, or full body 60 or 90 minute session, escaping with a soothing blend of light to intermediate pressured, flowing techniques designed to deeply relax and comfort you, healing you inside and out. Hot steamed towels are a sumptuous start for the 60 min and 90 minute sessions. Consider adding one or two of our most popular additions to this lulling massage,

Pedi-Soak, CBD 800 oil, or an  aromatherapy essential oil blend, to aid in your relaxation journey.

Gentle massages, new gentle pricing.

30/60 min: $60 to $50/ $90 to $65

90 min: $135 to $95

Package set of 3  60 min:  $250 to $195

Children ages 5-11 up to 30 min: $50


Use hydrotherapy to treat your tired feet with our tea tree salt & mineral pedi-soak and refreshing infused emollient with brief foot and lower leg massage.  We suggest starting your remedial journey to well-being with this salt and mineral foot bath prior to your soft touch massage. 


(We recommend NOT shaving your legs 24 hours prior to your pedi-service to minimize any possible skin irritation from the salt and minerals.)

Gentle massages, new gentle pricing.

Pedi Soak 15 min  $25 

Pedi Soak Plus Mud Wrap 30 min: $45 to $40

Pedi Soak Children ages 5-11 $15



Rest & refresh in this indulgent 90 minute combo session that combines our tea tree mineral pedi-soak plus pedi-mud wrap with steamed towels and our 60 minute soft touch aromatherapy or CBD oil massage. Herbal heat packs are included and your choice of body emollients: Herbal CBD 800 mg, Hemp cream, Deep Blue Rub, a variety of aromatherapy oil blends, coconut oil, jojoba oil, or oil-free.


(We recommend NOT shaving your legs 24 hours prior to your pedi-service to minimize any possible skin irritation from the salt and minerals.) 


Gentle massages, new gentle pricing.

90 min: $140 to $130 ($150 value)

Balance Me 

Therapeutic and calming for all ages, stuck energy is replaced with positive moving energy in this restorative session. Both non-touch and soft touch supportive holds target and affect tissues, joints, and energy points using various polarity therapy techniques that will quiet, soothe, and reset you. A routine must for good health! (Disrobing is unnecessary.)


30 Min $50

Water Lily

*Always check with your physician before beginning new therapies, wellness routines, or if you have questions or concerns. There may be massage contraindications for some clients based on their medical histories and current health status. These massage therapy services are offered at the discretion of the therapist. 

“Science reveals that the human ‘Relaxation Response,’ an innate gift of healing, is necessary for optimal wellness, and aids in the body's capacity to tolerate distress. Through massage therapy, we can elicit the restorative benefits of the ‘Relaxation Response.’  Western medicine is finally catching up to what ancient cultures have known for millennia with many physicians now prescribing massage therapy, and other complementary therapies, as a natural first step rather than a last resort.  It's simply not a luxury we can afford to ignore or dismiss; it is a necessity for human well-being and should be elicited regularly.”   
Caroline Roberts, LMT, 2019