Women's Wellness Massage, LLC.

Your feet do a lot.  With every step, your bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, perform a balancing act with countering forces. Your feet affect your gait and entire posture.  Mindful consistent pedi-care should be a regular part of your health maintenance regime.


For those challenged with Lyme disease, co-infections, or other chronic disorders, doctors recommend toxin removal as an essential component of healing and symptom management during the treatment process. Along with massage therapy, STILLWATER offers mineral-rich, detoxifying pedi-treatment packages such as salt and mineral pedi-soaks and toxin absorbing Bentonite clay and Dead Sea mud.  Besides being used for thousands of years for a variety of ailments, new scientific studies have shown that volcanic ash Bentonite clay reduces toxins and cellular waste through the skin by absorbing bacteria and reducing carcinogenic aflatoxins through polarity, positive and negative ion exchange. Combined with consistent massage therapy, STILLWATER'S pedi-services offers a necessary component in treatment protocol through detoxification and symptom management.

*If you are under the care of a physician for a diagnosed health disorder, or have any concerns, you are encouraged to ask your doctor about the benefits and risks of detox therapy using salt & mineral soaks, pedi-mud detox, and massage therapy, BEFORE you begin any treatment.  


Our STILLWATER comfortable leather pedi-chair has a foot basin with jets, foot rest for your pedi therapy, and an option for a vibrational back massage.  For kids, early introduction to self-care, mindful anxiety reduction, detoxification, and symptom management, is extremely important too, so we also offer a pedi-package for kids ages 5 to 11 years old.

We consider ourselves at STILLWATER honored to be part of your personal wellness journey.  We hope you too, are blessed along the way.



*We recommend NOT shaving your legs 24 hours prior to your pedi-service to minimize any possible skin irritation from the salt and minerals.


Use ancient hydrotherapy to treat your tired feet to our detoxing tea tree salt & mineral pedi-soak, and refreshing emollient with brief foot and lower leg massage.


Most prefer to start their their remedial journey with this salt and mineral foot bath, soaking their cares away, prior to their therapeutic massage. The best way to relax fast! 


Approx 20-25 min  $30



Your healing journey begins with a relaxing Sunset Pedi-Soak, mineral rich Dead Sea mud or detoxifying Bentonite clay with heat application, and a brief therapeutic foot and lower leg massage. Finish with your choice of refreshing emollient.


Add to your experience with a Relaxation, Swedish, or Starfish Massage during your escape to complete the experience. 

Approx 40-45 min  $40



Welcome healing on all levels as you relax, renew, and rejoice with our Stillwater Diamonds Pedi-Detox package, which includes the Crystal Seas Pedi-Detox with salt & mineral soak, warm or cool neck compress, a therapeutic foot/lower leg massage, and a hand/forearm massage with your choice of aromatherapy essential oil blend or refreshing emollient. To complete the experience, you may opt to add a Relaxation, Swedish, or Starfish Massage.

Approx 50-60 min  $50


For Kids ages 5-11 years

Start them off on the right foot with a salt & mineral pedi-soak, sugar pedi-scrub of her choice OR detoxifying pedi-mud, aromatic or unscented emollient, and foot/lower leg massage for ages 5 to 11 years old.


Add a hands and forearms massage while soaking for $5. Make it a party!


(Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.)

Approx 20 min   $25


Women's Wellness Massage, LLC.

Boothbay, Maine